NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 5,000 IU

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NOW Foods Vitamin D-3 5,000 IU

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NOW Foods, NOW, Natural, Organic, Wellness, supplements, vitamins, probiotics, minerals, health
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NOW Foods, Family, NOW, Supplements, Vitamins, Health, Wellness, natural, organic,
NOW, NOW Foods, Supplements, Organic, Natural, Wellness, health,vitamins, minerals, probiotics,
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NOW, NOW Foods, Organic, Natural, Supplements, Vitamins, minerals, probiotics, health, wellness
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Product description

  1. Avatar

    It raised my vitamin d level two-fold in one month. Excellent product!

  2. Avatar

    These vitamin D’s are pure and good quality, and it’s a really good sized bottle that lasts a long time. They arrived fresh, and I’ve been using them every day to help with mood.

  3. Avatar

    If you live in the Northwest you know that the fall, winter and most of the spring it can be gray and a little rainy. Take your vitamin D. Now brand is my choice.

  4. Avatar

    My primary care physician found that I was severely deficient in Vitamin-D. She recommended taking a high dose Vitamin-D so I turned to NOW, who has a great reputation for their quality supplements. I took the vitamin as my PCP prescribed and within 3-months my bloodwork revealed that I was back within normal range. No other lifestyle changes were made but this, so I know it was the product and it worked.

  5. Avatar

    I trust NOW. Use a few of their products. Was on 50,000IU Prescription Vitamin D for my Auto Immune Disease.But I was tired of having to have my hair cut every 2-3 weeks and trim my nails every 3 days (literally).So tried this daily. My lab work Vitamin D levels are still great!The pills are also tiny. So that’s a plus.5 Stars!

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