Superior Labs – Pure L-Tryptophan – 500mg, 120 Vegetable Capsules – Non-GMO Dietary Supplement – Restful Sleep & Relaxation – Maintains Serotonin Levels – Helps Improve Circulation & Reduce Stress.

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  • MAINTAIN SEROTONIN LEVELS – L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that converts serotonin in the body. This supports multiple brain functions and helps to maintain serotonin levels to produce normal sleep.*
  • PROMOTES RELAXATION – Our non-GMO L-Tryptophan dietary supplements promote relaxation to help produce a better night’s sleep.*
  • ABSOLUTE PURITY – ZERO SYNTHETIC ADDITIVES, FILLERS, HEAVY METALS, ADULTERANTS – You will never see unnecessary additives such as stearates, dioxides, glycerides or fillers other brands use to make manufacturing cheaper, faster and easier. In addition, we put all ingredients and products through rigorous testing to make sure they are 100% free of contaminants.
  • UNQUESTIONABLE QUALITY – ALL PRODUCTS PRODUCED IN 3rd PARTY CERTIFIED NSF CERTIFIED FACILITIES. Few are and can pass the stringent standards of NSF. Our products are produced in facilities that have been 3rd party audited and certified for quality by NSF, one of the most stringent quality manufacturing assurance organizations in the industry.
  • NO RISK AND NO HASSLE – For almost a decade, we have been delighting Amazon customers. If you are not satisfied with the benefits, results, or are unsatisfied with the product in any other way, please contact us and we'll gladly refund your money in 48 hours or less. That's it – no questions, no hassle, no risk. ​

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Superior Labs – Pure L-Tryptophan – 500mg, 120 Vegetable Capsules – Non-GMO Dietary Supplement – Restful Sleep & Relaxation – Maintains Serotonin Levels – Helps Improve Circulation & Reduce Stress.

Superior Labs – Pure L-Tryptophan – 500mg, 120 Vegetable Capsules – Non-GMO Dietary Supplement – Restful Sleep & Relaxation – Maintains Serotonin Levels – Helps Improve Circulation & Reduce Stress.

Superior Labs – Pure L-Tryptophan – 500mg, 120 Vegetable Capsules – Non-GMO Dietary Supplement – Restful Sleep & Relaxation – Maintains Serotonin Levels – Helps Improve Circulation & Reduce Stress.

Superior Labs – Pure L-Tryptophan – 500mg, 120 Vegetable Capsules – Non-GMO Dietary Supplement – Restful Sleep & Relaxation – Maintains Serotonin Levels – Helps Improve Circulation & Reduce Stress.

Superior Labs – Pure L-Tryptophan – 500mg, 120 Vegetable Capsules – Non-GMO Dietary Supplement – Restful Sleep & Relaxation – Maintains Serotonin Levels – Helps Improve Circulation & Reduce Stress.

Superior Labs – Pure L-Tryptophan – 500mg, 120 Vegetable Capsules – Non-GMO Dietary Supplement – Restful Sleep & Relaxation – Maintains Serotonin Levels – Helps Improve Circulation & Reduce Stress.

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L-Tryptophan sleep anxiety relaxation
L-Tryptophan sleep anxiety relaxation

PROMOTES RELAXATION– Our non-GMO L-Tryptophan dietary supplements promote relaxation to help produce a better night’s sleep.*

MAINTAIN SEROTONIN LEVELS – L-Tryptophan is an amino acid that converts serotonin in the body. This supports multiple brain functions and helps to maintain serotonin levels to produce normal sleep.*

PURITY and POTENCY – ZERO SYNTHETIC ADDITIVES, FILLERS, HEAVY METALS, MICROS– You will never see unnecessary additives such as stearates, dioxides, glycerides or fillers other brands use to make manufacturing cheaper, faster and easier. In addition, we put all ingredients and products through rigorous testing to make sure they are 100% free of contaminants.

UNCOMPROMISING QUALITY – ALL PRODUCTS PRODUCED IN 3rd PARTY CERTIFIED NSF CERTIFIED FACILITIES – Few are and can pass the stringent standards of NSF. Our products are produced in facilities that have been 3rd party audited and certified for quality by NSF, one of the most stringent quality manufacturing assurance organizations in the industry.

DON’T ASK US, ASK OUR CUSTOMERS – We are among the highest-rated brands online and have served thousands of satisfied customers with our high-quality products.

  1. Early in the game but…. L-Tryptophan is naturally occurring so why not make it that way, natural, encased naturally and taken by those who want and need it for an improved natural life. Read the Superior Labs L-Tryptophan product description and decide for yourself whether or not it is worth a try based solely on that. I was taking the NOW L-Tryptophan but they use extra Stearate “Stuff” in theirs which is not good for you (Look it up). I happened upon this while looking through the Amazon options and so far so good. Competitively priced, high quality and good ingredients. Plus an excellent guarantee! You just cannot beat this as an option for trying L-Tryptophan for the first time or switching over to this provider based on the clear cut facts. Honestly I prefer this, possibly, over pharmaceutical options for feeling a bit better about myself and my journey. After all, you only live once… As far as I know anyway. 🙂

  2. All my life I’ve had issues sleeping and with my weight. I was a heavy sugar addict, and I just couldn’t figure it out. Then I learned about serotonin and how the sugar I took in would fulfill my needs. But that wasn’t the solution.I started looking for sugar blocking medicines and teas, anything that could help. I even went cold turkey, which ended horribly. Those aids would only help temporarily. I was right back to junking out. And I still couldn’t get the sleep I needed to function on a daily basis.Then I observed a lighting deal on Amazon for L-Tryptophan by Superior Labs. I didn’t know what that was and so I was about to skip over it but my curiosity got the best of me. I decide to check out this item and when the description said it helps support serotonin levels, I said to myself this just might be it.What else do I have to lose? I’ve already tried all types of methods, let me give them a shot. The day I got the L-Tryptophan, I tried it. Slept for a few hours and woke up refreshed. I usually nibble on something sweet but this time was different. No cravings whatsoever. If I had this product years ago, I’d be a skinny dude by now. This product is the end of the line for me. And I’m thankful for it.

  3. I’m very happy with this tryptophan. I like that it is made in the USA and doesn’t have unnecessary ingredients. I like that it is gluten and dairy free. I like that it works smoothly. It does not make me feel suddenly sleepy, but taking it regularly, as directed, I find I’m ready to go to sleep at the same time every night rather naturally.

  4. I used L-Tryptophan for many years before they took it off the market. Recently, I discovered it has returned. I couldn’t get it ordered fast enough.It is the best sleep aid I have ever used… including prescription…and for stress reduction, it can’t be beat.I will be the first to say that there certainly is a place for pharmaceutical medication, however, until people step back and realize these are not miracle cures prices will continue to sky rocket, poor quality meds will be approved by FDA and more.I believe that taking a holistic approach to curing oneself and improving life’s quality before delving into pharmaceuticals looking for miracle cures is a much healthier and cost effective way of having a better life.L-Tryptophan is an excellent place to begin.

  5. I started taking this supplement in addition to Melatonin and Trazodone (already prescribed) in order to improve the length of time I was asleep. I had been having trouble staying asleep, usually waking up at 4 am when my alarm was set for 6:30 🙁 and not being able to fall back to sleep. This has actually helped improve that and I am sleeping longer through the night much better now that I am taking the L tryptophan at night (I take it about 30 minutes before bed).It comes in a clear vegetable capsule that is easy to swallow and doesn’t have any weird after taste.

  6. I have used L-Tryptophan for a couple of years now trying different brands as I had been an insomniac for years. I originally chose this brand because it is pure and doesn’t have any magnesium stearate or preservatives in it. Also I like the fact that it is in a vegetable capsule. I take two nightly about an hour before retiring. I feel it is the best L-Tryptophan product I have tried! I have very restful sleep. I will definitely purchase this product again and continue to enjoy getting a good nights sleep!

  7. I am a generally healthy adult with no serious health issues. Despite that, occasionally stress gets the best of me and I become sleepless. I began taking 5-HTP a number of years ago when I had a number of personal issues hit me at one time, which really helped. However, I switched to L-tryptophan as soon as I realized this product was back on the market, as it is more efficient for the production of serotonin and melanin than 5-HTP.I chose Superior Labs because they have fewer additives in their products and I’ve been using it now for several months. It helps take the edge off so I can fall asleep a little better. It won’t knock you out though, so if that’s what you’re looking for, you may have to visit your doc for a prescription. I do take some preemptively when I know I’m walking into stressful situations and it helps me feel more balanced and able to deal with things more effectively. Placebo effect? I don’t know, but I personally find it helpful and will continue.

  8. L-Tryptophan is one of the amino acid building blocks for serotonin. For those who wish to supply this nutrient to the brain, whether for mood or to help with sleep, this is an excellent product. I have successfully used Superior Labs L-Tryptophan to ease the transition away from a pharmaceutical sleep aid. I like the quality of this product.

  9. First and foremost, I want to say I have received no compensation or incentive for my review for either this product, or the book I mention here. If my review can help someone else who has debilitating depression, that’s enough for me.I didn’t understand the importance of Tryptophan in the production and utilization of serotonin in the brain. After reading The Mood Cure: The 4-Step Program to Take Charge of Your Emotions–Today
     I scrambled to find L-Tryptophan in my local health food store. All I could find was a small bottle of powder, but mixing it nightly with something cold and flavored (crystal light) completely relieved my symptoms of fatigue, mental fog and unrelenting depression within about 3 days. Fortunately, I was able to find this product by Superior Labs which is so much easier to take. For me, buying a product that is made in the USA in an FDA registered and GMP compliant facility is an absolute must — especially for tryptophan. I take two of these on an empty stomach before bed along with some melatonin, and I sleep like a baby. More importantly, the chronic depression I have suffered with for literally decades is gone. I will never be without this product.

  10. After years of waking up between 3-4 am and not being able to get back to sleep, it became imperative that I figure it out since nothing else I tried worked. After months and months of researching and trying different things, I came across an article online about tryptophan and thought its could help because its a precursor to serotonin and off to Amazon i went. I was both pleased and excited when I read the reviews so I ordered it too! I’m on my third week using Superior Labs L-Tryptophan as directed and can HONESTLY say it HAS helped me! I have been sleeping better and just last night slept 8 hours…I finally feel like I’m getting good rest which is amazing. I like that its gentle and PURE with no stomach upset. I recommend with food though as I also take magnesium supplements with it (yet no side affects).At last! I think I’ve finally found something at that works..Thanks for this GREAT!! product Superior Labs!!

  11. This is the best OTC sleep aid that I have tried as far as staying asleep. I have suffered from chronic insomnia for at least 15 years and have been on a small dose of Ambien daily for the past 5 years, which works great for initiating sleep but stinks as far as keeping you asleep. I think I have tried just about every OTC sleep aid out there, but the L-Tryptophan is the only one that I have found that has really made a difference. I’m even hoping to be able to stop taking the Ambien altogether. I’ll definitely be a regular customer!

  12. I’ve been looking for something natural to allow me to sleep better through the night. I’ve been taking Superior Labs L-Tryptophan now for over a month and I feel great. I start to get sleepy around 10:30pm, am in bed by 11pm and usually sleep through the night until I wake up around 5:30am or 6:00am. Before taking L-Tryptophan twice a day, I would fall asleep from 60 to 90 minutes after I went to bed, would sleep 90 minutes, then I would wake up at 2:00am and be lucky to fall asleep again until 4:00am or 4:30am – which felt like it was just time to wake up again. It’s working for me, it’s worth a try.

  13. I rely on this product (and so does my husband) for PMS! For me, there is absolutely nothing that works better for my moodiness and just taking the edge off. This brand in particular has worked better than others i’ve tried. I would suggest to anyone who experiences mood swings to try it. I have not seen the benefits for sleep, but I have always been a good sleeper so not sure if I’d notice anyway. I highly recommend not only this product, but this manufacturer.

  14. Great Product! I have used this product for a couple years now to help with sleep mostly. I have also used it to calm down if I have had very stressful events. It works very well. If Im a little to worked up and can’t get to sleep I will take just 1 capsule and it just provides enough relaxtion to help me drift to sleep. I have noticed myself less can be more. At one point I was taking like 4-6 capsules but it doesn’t really work better in my opinion and if you do that your body will develop a tolerance. For me it has been Best to take 1 capsule first then maybe 1 or 2 more if needed and only when you feel it is needed. Great product! Thanks Superior Labs for providing a pure product. Aloha!

  15. For the past six years a close family member has had severe sleep problems due to chronic Lyme disease and CIRS. We have tried many many products with no success. Other supplements and some medications caused side effects as well as not assisting with sleep. I specifically researched and purchased this brand because of it’s purity. The majority of supplements have unnecessary additives such as maltodextrin which is a convenience and less expensive way of processing. I appreciate that this supplement is pure. None of us need unnecessary additives and especially when someone is trying to recover from debilitating illness it’s best to have the purest supplements. It is an incredible relief to finally find something that is helping so much , we can’t begin to truly get well without restorative sleep.

  16. This is, by far, the best L-tryptophan for me. I’ve tried others and can’t feel any difference. In the past, 2 capsules would produce nothing. This product is VERY potent with the same mg dosage. I immediately decided that 2 caps were too much with this brand. One cap, a few times a day keeps my mood more positive and one before bed helps me fall asleep faster. I would recommend this product and will buy only this brand in the future.

  17. My doctor recommended taking L-Tryptophan or 5-HTP. I have decided to take L-Tryptophan for a while instead of 5-HTP. Depending on the supplement I take, I usually try to give it a break so the product you will become more effective. I noticed L-Tryptophan has been helping me with anxiety, my appetite has being reduced, it also has been improving my sleep. Each body is different, so it is always important to watch how the body responds to each product, dosage, time of the day, etc.

  18. I’m using Tryptophan for few weeks now; it took a while to find the working dosage for me – I take one capsule in the morning and two capsules at bed time. I believe it is important not to eat at least 1.5 hour before intake of Tryptophan. I chose Superior Labs L-Tryptophan because it is pure and doesn’t have any magnesium stearate or preservatives in it. I will definitely buy this product again.

  19. Thumbs up. Was purchased to (hopefully) help ease some depressivefeeling I’ve had in the last few months. My understanding biochemically,is that tryptophan helps increase “happy” hormones in the brain. I wouldsay since using this product that it has helped in this regard. Seems tohelp somewhat with my sleep cycle also. I take 1 capsule with breakfast, and1 with my dinner. I’ve used another brand which made me sleepy in theam, but this product has not had that effect on me. Other supplementsI recommend off the top of my head are : iodine 12 mg (see Dr. Brownstein’s book),hydrogen (brown’s gas) inhalation (hydrogen foundation), silica, magnesium, lecithin,prescript assist probiotic, b vitamin, a/e/d vitamin, omega 3. best wishes to all.

  20. I’ve been unable to sleep well for years, and when I do sleep, I have fitful sleep with a lot of anxiety dreams/nightmares. I’ve often used benadryl or xanax to help me sleep, but that’s obviously not healthy to do regularly. I’ve tried melatonin, but it does nothing for me. I decided to try L-Tryptophan, and am pleasantly surprised at how well it actually works. I’ve used it a few times now, and each night I’ved used it before bed, I sleep comfortably all night! The only drawback is that if I don’t take it early enough I sleep in too long, which is actually a luxury if I don’t need to wake up early. It doesn’t make me groggy the next day– it just makes me sleep a long time. Last night I couldn’t fall asleep, so I took two of these capsules around midnight, and I fell asleep within a half hour, and slept until 9:30 am! So, if you’re using it to sleep, take it a good 9 hours before you want to wake up! I haven’t tried any other brands, but I have no reason to- I’ll stick with this brand because it obviously is a good quality product.

  21. I did not start using these regularly until recently and I am so glad I did. They do help with sleeping a little, but the main benefit is how they have helped with my depression.I take an anti-depression pill, but it never seemed to take away the depression. I noticed the ads on TV where a supplement depression pill was added, but my doctor could never come up with the right combination.I started taking them and about five days after I started taking them the depression lifted. It was wonderful. So anyone who is battling depression (not manic) should try these.I have been on these for a little over 8 months and they are still working. I take 2 pills about 45 minutes before I go to bed, and will continue to take them since I have had such a good result with them.

  22. I have tried a lot of supplements to help me sleep; including melatonin, but this is even more effective. I fall asleep quickly and stay asleep longer. I am a 66 year old woman with chronic insomnia since I went thru menopause 21 years ago – FYI. I just reordered more – love it!!

  23. My MD suggested I begin taking L-Tryptophan to help with insomnia and I have been using it now for a couple of weeks. I take two at dinner – and have been noticing it has been helping me go to sleep more quickly. I researched this company and liked them very much– excellent quality and great service. I am very happy–

  24. I’ve been experimenting with L-Tryptophan taking one capsule with dinner. It doesn’t make me sleepy like melatonin does, but it has a more subtle effect, a feeling of well-being. Once I go to sleep, I do sleep longer and have an easier time falling back to sleep if awakened by noise or other sleep disturbances. It’s probably best to work out what dosage is best for you and take it regularly, like clockwork, with meals.

  25. I introduced this product into my regiment right before I stopped my anti-depressant. Got off my meds no problem and about a month later ran out of L-tryp and a week after that was again severely depressed. Needless to say, iVe stayed on this supplement since. For me, it’s been as effective as my antidepressant and I’m so grateful that it actually works! It helped me achieve a goal I aimed at for years. I’ve been antidepressant free for 5 months now and happier than I knew was possible. Don’t get me wrong, a LOT of other work goes into it, but this supplement is a lifesaver for me!

  26. Just bought my first bottle when I learned that tryptophan is the precursor or 5-Htp which I previously used to improve my sleep. Have only been using for a couple of weeks, but it seems to be working as I’m able to fall asleep naturally earlier than before. Will continue to use and adjust the dosing and timing as needed.

  27. Love the strenght of this product. As compared to others Ive tried. In conjunction with the L-Theanine I purchaed as well (same brand) I get the most deep relaxing sleep.

  28. I’ve always been a ‘nightowl’, and it was getting worse as I passed into my 70s! Then I remembered that many years ago I used to take tryptophan to help fall asleep! I looked on Amazon, searched sources and it decided to try this product… and I even so glad I did!! I now have NO trouble falling to sleep around 10-11 PM, and sleep soundly for 6-8 hours!!

  29. I have used several brands of l trytophan and this brand has been the highest quality. I have low serotonin levels that causes severe anxiety and taking these along with some other natural meds has helped tremendously. I have been using them for over a year and I can attest to the consistent quality of these pills.

  30. I have suffered with depression and anxiety for years, and it got really bad after the death of my son 9 months ago. I was contemplating having my doctor put me on Prozac, but was extremely concerned about the side effects (I am very sensitive to prescription medications). Upon doing research on natural alternatives to Prozac, I came across this product. I decided to give it a try and to my amazement, within a week I could already tell a huge difference. Even my husband noticed the difference and commented on it. I will continue to take L-Tryptophan for my depression since I have not noticed any side effects at all. I would highly recommend this product.

  31. I have been using this product for over a year now & find it very useful in keeping my sleep patterns on schedule. I don’t take it every night but 3-4 times per week, 2 capsules about 30 minutes before bed & it helps relax the mind & aids in a peaceful nights rest. I also think it helps with a positive mood! I have used other brands but feel this is of highest quality.

  32. I get insomnia often or wake up in the middle of the night and can’t go back to sleep. I was looking for a solution and have tried many different things. This product is not only a great quality but it actually works. The nice thing is, if I wake up in the middle of the night I can take one or two and fall back asleep and wake up a few hours later without the typical hangover that you would get from sleep aids. I like that it’s natural and won’t harm your body.

  33. I’m 65 yr old male.. Superior Labs L-Tryptophan . I have long had difficulty getting to sleep after years of being a long haul truck driver, and have tried many different supplements, they mostly just kind of worked. . I have tried others brands hard tablets did nothing for me. I decided Superior Labs L-Tryptophan capsules to be the fastest and most effective for me, I will always keep a backup bottle.

  34. I read about this stuff in a medical study that showed it improved serotonin levels. It gave me sour stomach, but I took it with a probiotic and some Mylanta and that did the trick. Also it will make you drowsy, so I don’t like to take it during the day. However, I love to take it at night before I go to bed. You sleep very soundly and in the morning you awake alert and feeling great!

  35. Take 2 at night and fall asleep easily. Stay asleep. Have been taking some kind of over the counter sleep aid and now I can finally throw those away. I originally got these to help stop smoking I’ll update in the future with that. I’m hoping that like Wellbutrin for depression doctors have prescribed for smoking cessation

  36. I have been using this for about 2 weeks. I can now get to sleep within about 20-30 minutes and pretty much stay asleep. If I do wake up, I am usually able to get back to sleep fairly quickly. Before this product it would sometimes take hours to get to sleep and almost never slept through the night. This is a very good seller and I recommend both the seller and the product.

  37. This amino acid truly has helped me with my sleep. I sleep a lot better when I take it. It starts working after you use it for a few days, meaning it’s not a drug that you take and works right away, I saw the results after a week of taking a pill every night. It’s wonderful, it truly has helped me sleep better. I highly recommend it for someone that has trouble sleeping. This amino acid can not be taken if you are taking some antidepressants or other sleeping pills. Make sure to research this before you start taking them.

  38. Many years ago, I used Tryptophan to help me sleep when I worked a job with unusual hours. Now I’m retired, but still have occasional issues with getting to sleep at night. Superior Labs L-Tryptophan is very effective in helping to bring sleep on faster, longer, and deeper. True results can be noted after about two weeks of daily dosage (1 capsule before I go to bed at night). Highly recommended!

  39. I noticed changes almost immediately. I was told my cortisol levels were high and had noticed I was craving an unusual amount of salty carbohydrates, hard boiled eggs with salt and bananas. When I learned it could be due to lack of tryptophan, I found this product. Since taking it, I have been able to go into a deeper sleep, my carbohydrate cravings have decreased, and my depression and anxious mood has improved. I would highly recommend it.

  40. I was starting to get into a pattern of insomnia due to exercising a bit too much and various life stress going on. This product seems to have really stopped the pattern so I can get good rest again. I am very glad to have found it, to have decided to try it, and most importantly, that it actually works!

  41. Purchased this to improve overall health. Unfortunately, when I took it, I woke up the next day feeling fuzzy headed and with an almost headache. Didn’t feel great. I took it for 3 days running with the same result. As soon as I stopped, I felt normal again. Can’t speak to quality, but this obviously won’t work for everyone. Wanted to share my experience in case anyone had a similar experience. To be fair, I did not suffer from sleep or depression issues.

  42. Finally a product that is 100% L-Tryptophan with no other added ingredients other than a vegetable capsule to contain it in. Its also made in the USA contains no heavy metals and has been certified to comply with manufacturing procedures. This is really important because a lot of times you do not know what really is in over the counter supplements unless you see these certifications they have not been tested.

  43. I have a neurological disease that interferes with my sleep. I’ve found taking two before bedtime gives me a better sleep than some of the over the counter products I normally use. Quit taking prescription meds back in 2014 so I’m always looking for low side affect sleeping aides.I’m hoping this will help with anxiety but haven’t had an attack lately to give that a go. I’ll update as those symptoms arise.

  44. It’s undisputed fact that there is a correlation between depression and anxiety with a lack of sufficient levels of dopamine and serotonin. However what they don’t (and won’t) tell you is that SSRI’s (prescription psych meds) do *not* (I repeat), do NOT actually increase these levels but rather “recycle” the patient’s already depleted levels which explains why *some* patients actually “feel” better but will have to continue taking the prescribed meds for the rest of their lives in order to avoid a relapse…it also explains why others do not handle them well. Thankfully you can now have a genetic test done to minimize this risk BUT back to the original research findings; SSRI’s do NOT increase your serotonin and dopamine levels, they only recycle them…which means, even if/when you find one that you are genetically compatible with, you’re still only treating the symptom, not the problem. When I brought this to our doctors attention she was in favor of at least trying natural remedies before prescribed ones and so that’s what we did and It. Worked. L-Tryptophan increases your serotonin production and L-Tyrosine increases your dopamine production. Deficiency in Vitamin D3, K2 and Omega 3 (with a DHA minimum of 250 mg) are also a contributing factor (as well as your diet). As always, consult your doctor, as we did, and hopefully yours will be as supportive as ours was. No prescription needed. We found everything we needed with SuperiorLabs on Amazon and within 2 weeks (sometimes longer, depending on how low your levels are) we saw results. GABA and Ashwaganda root are also your best friends and both are also natural remedies. Hope this helps, good luck!!

  45. I’m very skeptical of supplements as I’ve tried many different ones to improve my sleep. This is the only I’ve found to be effective. I actually discovered about a year ago that eating eggs at night improves my sleep because it has tryptophan. So I often eat eggs but it didn’t improve things as much as I would have liked. I figured why not search for tryptophan supplements and see if having higher doses would do anything and yes I believe it has. It’s still taking me a while to fall asleep like an hour but once I’m asleep I’m barely waking up during the middle of the night and I’m feeling more refreshed during the day. Also definitely overall positive vibes probably from increase in serotonin. I’m only taking one pill and at night but I’m considering do another pill in the morning. I’ll research if that’s safe and see. Overall I’m a surprisingly happy customerUpdate: I still haven’t received the free bottle they promised. Hopefully they see this and send it and then I will remove this update

  46. After having bad side effects with multiple SSI/anti-depressants I gave up on them. This product has already changed the effects of my low serotonin with sleep, mood, energy, and mind fog. I am 28 yrs old and had no idea how much my serotonin level actually affected my daily life until it tried this product. I did a lot of research, changed my diet, and looked for safe ways to get help with this. I assumed it was because of my hypothyroidism. I am so happy that I tried this and hope to see maybe different dosing options.Thank you.

  47. I ran a fever and was very tired when I tested positive for Covid. In all the drama, I had forgotten I bought this stuff and had lost a lot of sleep. This helped give me a solid seven hours of sleep and wake up in fine shape. Even better – no side effects – no hangover.

  48. When looking at any supplement I want to know a few things. Is it third party tested? Are the results available by batch? Is the product manufactured in the proper conditions? Is the main ingredient accurately measured and finally how does it work? I haven’t purchased L-Tryptophan in a very long time, as it wasn’t available for a while (decades ago). When I saw this offering from Superior Labs I was intrigued. L-Tryptophan in the past gave a very relaxing nights rest, and also personally helps me have very vivid dreams. So far I have experienced good restful sleep and have some dreaming too. Superior Labs L-Tryptophan met all of my initial requirements. Its manufactured using industry best practices, is third party tested and had a great price. I can recommend this product without reservations. If you have not tried L-Tryptophan and have decided you would like to try some, get this. With current life stressors being unusually high as of late I have even tried a capsule mid day, and have found it helps ease my stress and anxiety but not make me tired. I am fortunate that I am not taking any maintenance medications, but if you are don’t forget to check with your Dr or pharmacist to make sure you don’t have any potential issues with your current medications.

  49. After one week of giving this product to my husband, and taking it myself, it definitely seems to be working. About 30 minutes to an hour after taking them, my eyelids seem so heavy, like weights where you need to close them. Then once I am asleep, I stay asleep alll night. I wake up well rested, and don’t feel groggy. I feel like I am really catching up on much need rest.My adrenal fatigue gets in the way of falling asleep because it causes cortisol levels to rise at the wrong time. That’s a cycle that is hard to get out of, let me tell you. This will help your body rest and be able to heal your adrenals while you sleep.I take 2 right before I head upstairs for the evening to my bed.I visited my aunt who sometimes relies on ambien, and always has a hard time falling asleep. I gave her two of these and she said she seem to fall asleep much easier and stay asleep as well. She asked me for a few more and plans to order them for herself.

  50. Over the last few years I’ve been trying to find a Tryptophan that effectively creates serotonin and provides the many other benefits of Tryptophan. This Tryptophan is by far the most powerful. I sleep like a baby every night, I get a strong sense of contentment and calm, optimistic thinking. This Tryptophan is so powerful that most days I can’t even take a threshold dose during the day because it’ll make me that drowsy! Trust me, get this Tryptophan and you’ll never buy anything else. This brand is also very respected and uses no fillers. They will always get my business if they have the herb or vitamin I’m looking for!

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