Thyroid Support Complex Blend Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine Increase Metabolism and Energy Supplement for Men and Women Weight Control and Weight Loss Pills

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  • STAY ENERGIZED – Are you sick and tired of being tired? With Natures Craft's Thyroid Support Supplement you will wake up feeling energized and continue to stay that way through out the day!
  • STAY FOCUSED – Want to get rid of that brain fog? A healthy thyroid will help you concentrate and focus to help you get through the day feeling energized and clear minded!
  • BOOST METABOLISM – This Supplement contains a complex of natural B vitamins and other nutrients that support a healthy thyroid. This boosts metabolism and leads to natural weight loss with proper diet!
  • KEEPS YOU BALANCED – Natures Craft Thyroid Support keeps your over all health and wellness in check. Helps Increase circulation to keep your mind and body moving!
  • MONEY BACK GUARANTEE – Our customers are our highest priority. We fully back all Natures Craft purchases with a 100%, no questions asked, money back guarantee.

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Thyroid Support Complex Blend Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine Increase Metabolism and Energy Supplement for Men and Women Weight Control and Weight Loss Pills

Thyroid Support Complex Blend Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine Increase Metabolism and Energy Supplement for Men and Women Weight Control and Weight Loss Pills

Thyroid Support Complex Blend Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine Increase Metabolism and Energy Supplement for Men and Women Weight Control and Weight Loss Pills

Thyroid Support Complex Blend Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine Increase Metabolism and Energy Supplement for Men and Women Weight Control and Weight Loss Pills

Thyroid Support Complex Blend Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine Increase Metabolism and Energy Supplement for Men and Women Weight Control and Weight Loss Pills

Thyroid Support Complex Blend Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine Increase Metabolism and Energy Supplement for Men and Women Weight Control and Weight Loss Pills

Thyroid Support Complex Blend Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine Increase Metabolism and Energy Supplement for Men and Women Weight Control and Weight Loss Pills

Thyroid Support Complex Blend Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine Increase Metabolism and Energy Supplement for Men and Women Weight Control and Weight Loss Pills

Thyroid Support Complex Blend Vitamin B12, Zinc, Copper, Selenium, Iodine Increase Metabolism and Energy Supplement for Men and Women Weight Control and Weight Loss Pills

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  1. I think it is working on my thyroid cause I can see I’m losing weight. I have this thyroid condition which some what prevent form losing weight.I’m glad I have this product. This is something i can continue to take for my weight loss.

  2. I was able to lose weight by taking this product as suggested. I’m really impressed about this result cause I have some issues about my thyroid, and I hardly get weight loss due to this. Thanks for the weight loss.

  3. Prices are deceiving. This is the ONLY thyroid support that has ever REALLY helped me. I’m losing weight that had started creeping on months ago. I come on here to order more and they are OUT! The other reviews are precise for me. They work! When will you guys have more? Grrrrrr!

  4. This really is great stuff. Ok, so over the course of many a number of years, I have spent over a thousand dollars doing colonics and expensive bowl cleansers. The colonics did nothing and some of the other products made me worse. Much to my surprise, only two weeks after taking this product I was seeing a change for the better. It is really doing a great job for me at this point and I don’t know what I would do without it. I guess the problem was my thyroid all along. (0:

  5. I have just started this product. I was lacking Iodine and selenium with my thyroid supplement. I am hoping that it will help with producing more T3 and increase my metabolism. I have just used the product for a week now and not suffering any adverse side effects as of yet.

  6. Since 2013, my body has been going through a number of issues that have almost been inexplicable until now. I had been experiencing increasing fatigue that was impacting my entire day in a way that I was barely able to move sometimes, headaches, hormonal imbalance, blood pressure up and down, brain fog, memory loss, forgetfulness, irritability, very unhealthy mood swings, feeling down often, swelling/puffiness, water retention…. And the kicker, irregular cycles (I was told I’m peri-menopause… I’m not even close to 50) and unexplained weight gain no matter what I ate or how I exercised. I was so very frustrated and discouraged. My labs always showed up “fine” according to my doctors, but when I researched them myself, I realize that my T3 is way too low and my TSH is not the most optimal.While I do not require thyroid medication, my thyroid has not been functioning at its optimal level which has been causing increasing severity in the issues listed above. I was trying individual supplements that are contained in this supplement, but I was not realizing that I need all of these vitamins & minerals to work together. I have been taking these a month now, and I have had so much energy, my brain is much clearer and I’m able to function in the better version of myself that not only I, but my family as well appreciates! My cycle appears to be regulating again and my body is getting back on track. I began a low carb Keto lifestyle a couple weeks ago, and because of this supplement, my efforts to lose weight are finally working! I have lost inches off my belly and puffiness in my face and other extremities. I researched many many supplements before choosing this one, and I’m glad I took the chance because it has truly improved my life on so many levels. And the energy I have is not from a stimulant. It is simply from these vitamins & minerals that have been missing from my body and that my body has been craving on a daily basis. I take two a day, one in the morning and one with my lunch in the afternoon.I’m so grateful to have found these, and I thank God for giving me wisdom to see what my body needed. I will be a customer for as long as I can see right now! I’ve not felt this good in a long time. And I want to add that if you are experiencing any of the above, research your thyroid and hormonal imbalance. I ran across a quiz put out by a doctor who experienced the same symptoms, and in the results I was told what vitamins my body was lacking. It did not mention this supplement. I found it on my own, and I am ever so glad I did! Many blessings to you who are experiencing similar issues. I pray your healing in Christ.

  7. My thyroid function had been declining over the last three visits to my doctor. My doctor did not want to put me on thyroid medication just yet because of the side effects. She was waiting for it to get worse. My daughter did some research and found this Thyroid Support formula. I began taking it and a few months later at my next doctor’s appointment my thyroid function was ‘normal’. I told my doctor about Thyroid Support. She asked me to bring the bottle in so she could see what is in it. I did and she said, “well, just keep taking it”. 😍 LOVE IT!!!

  8. I was feeling very sluggish and cranky, I went to my doctor , the doctor told me that I was low in my thyroid. I did not want to take any medicine, so I went on amazon and found this Nature bound thyroid support vitamin . order it .. I notice how much more energy I had and felt a lot better..My advice to anyone taking the thyroid vitamin ,take it in the mornings, I took it at night once ,it keep me up all night.I really do like this Thyroid vitamin . I cannot wait to go back to my Doctors to see if it made and difference in my thyroid.

  9. My TSH came back on the high side and the doctor wanted to put me on Synthroid. I do not like to take any medication so I decided to a natural remedy specific to thyroid. I have been taking this for over a year and a half now. My TSH most recently came back within normal limits (after testing high prior to this multiple times). I was ready to accept the fact that I was going to need medication (even though I had NO symptoms of hypothyroidism). Instead, I found out that it was normal again! I attribute this to this natural support.

  10. I’ve been battling bad T3 readings for many years. I take a low dose of Armour Thyroid, which helps, but adding this supplement daily has really helped! I take one first thing in the morning and another with my breakfast and other supplements. I no longer need a nap in the afternoon or feel the debilitating fatigue I always had in the morning after (what I thought) was a good nights sleep. So glad I found this supplement!

  11. I had purchase this product, because I recently in few months been to the doctor and my primary care doctor told me about my thyroid and he said I need to take care of it before it get worse, before I was a big smoker drinking alot so I decide to try this product and honestly ladies and gentleman this is the best decision I hlever tried, some people advertise things I don’t have to put in pretty words I went back to the doctor and he read it and I was back to normal, never knew pills can live up to what they say it can do I continue to buy or recommended anybody have a thyroid problems this is the only product.

  12. I take 120mg/day of amour thyroid for my hypothyroidism but over the holidays I noticed my thyroid felt a little bit sore and swollen. I bought the Thyroid Complex Blend in hopes that it would help my thyroid function (and stop it from hurting), provide me with the vitamins I need, as well as for an energy boost. After three days, my thyroid was no longer sore and the swelling was down. After a week, I definitely have more energy- I even forgot to have my morning latte this morning but am still functioning! I will definitely continue to take these and recommend them for anyone with thyroid issues.

  13. Good stuff! I have thyroid disease and my hair was falling off like crazy. My skin was also very dry (I live in Wyoming) super dry during the winter so that doesn’t help. These pills have helped my hair grow and give me enough energy to get through the day. I’ve also noticed some weight loss. Give them a try!

  14. I ordered this product after experiencing really bad side effects from my prescription thyroid medication, seems to work as well.

  15. I think this is a good value. I take a thyroid supplement just as maintenance as I am borderline low and it seems to work fine for me. I’m not expecting anything revolutionary, I just don’t want to feel sluggish or slow. I don’t so I believe this are working fine for me.

  16. Just began using this product, thyroid has always been borderline.. cold hands and feet, brittle nails, difficult losing weight, tired, hair loss.. the works.. noticing little changes, less brain fog, confusion.. hair seems to be better.. feeling some energy.. will check back soon!Feeling expectant..

  17. I have been buying this for more than 6 months and I do have a thyroid problem not having enough minerals in my body. This supplement helps me alot and it helps me function alot better throughout the day. Without it I just feel weak and not a whole lot energy to move. Thanks for a great product!

  18. I have been getting this Thyroid Support Complex from Amazon for a couple of months and I am pleased with my body’s reaction. It’s easy to swallow, not expensive and it’s very helpful! I definitely recommend this product!

  19. I believe this product is assisting me in feeling the best I can be! I have been taking Synthroid for 30+ years, changing prescrption strength many time…adding this product I believe has changed my life! Not as tired, skin not as dry….I can go on and on. I will continue to order this product, can’t wait for my next lab results and visit with the Dr! Thank you Thyroid Support

  20. I’ve been taking these for a month now and i Can sincerely say my energy levels have increased in a way that feels healthy and natural. I am extremely pleased with this purchase and looking forward to the added benefits of long term consumption.

  21. I definitely feel like this is working. I’ve taken it for 3 weeks now and feel an increase in energy and my hair and nails are growing. I definitely recommend this is you suffer from hypothyroidism.

  22. Well first I wanna say this before I give a review on the thyroid support pills. I’ve suffered from extreme fatigue disorder and major weight gain without the benefit of lossing it with exercise and dieting so I went to the doctor for them to tell me I’m suffering from aniemia and put me on iron pills but I still felt like my thyroid wasn’t working right especially with all the weight gain, hair loss and always tired. So I purchased the thyroid support pills and it’s only been a month now I feel a whole lot better I have loss the weight yet but I definitely feel a difference.

  23. This supplement contains all of the minerals I was looking for. The suggested dose is two capsules, so this bottle is a one-month supply. Zinc and selenium are the minerals doctors have been suggesting for immune system building.

  24. It’s hard to really know how efficacious something is without actual tests but this supplement has what I need for good thyroid function and I do believe I have more energy. I started taking it when I realized that in switching to “healthier” sea salt and Himalayan sea salt, I was probably low on iodine.

  25. So I’ve only used this for a few days so it’s a little early to see all the benefits but so far so good. I certainly have more energy! There is no after taste and they are easy to swallow. No weight loss yet but again it’s early and here’s hoping. The customer service responded quickly to my questions and the price is decent too. Hard to tell what’s happening with your thyroid but I have hopes with this product and the money back guarantee is a plus!

  26. I evaluated over 10 products based on actual symptoms, vitamins missing in my diet but never mentioned the Thyroid problem. This is the product that came closest to my searches every time.I was not surprised to start feeling the effects of taking the product less than 12 hours later. I have already ordered the 2nd bottle and will keep this coming – I don’t have to take my Thyroid meds – this works!

  27. Have had hypothyroid issues since very young and take meds daily for my condition,This is the 2nd day of dosage of thyroid support. I feel like i found the fountain of youth, Can’t tell you how good this product makes me feel. Thank to the makers of this product. 2nd review: Now on 3rd bottle of thyroid support, It is simply the best

  28. Has lots of good ingredient but be careful I f you have any heart issues? Check with your Dr

  29. I purchased this product because my son has issues with his Thyroid. His doctor is still trying to figure out what’s happening exactly. My son has been on this product for a few weeks and it has helped him tremendously. He says, he feels more balanced without the brain fog. He seems to be back to his old self. I highly recommend this product.

  30. after years of having issues with my thyroid and my thyroid medication not even helping me with my energy levels, I finally found a product that actually helps. I have energy to wake up in the morning and get up and go do things after taking these supplements with my medication. I love this product and I will buying them every month.

  31. I have hypothyroidism and Hashimoto’s, the fatigue was really getting to me. To the point some days I could barely function. My medication I’m taking us keeping my levels where they should be, but there was no energy. I have a five year old daughter and it was really upsetting that all I felt like doing was to sleep. I found these in Amazon and they have had a huge improvement. I’m very thankful I started taking them. Thank you.

  32. I tried so many diet/weight loss supplements and none of them work. This one I just try as a daily supplement and didn’t expect it to work or lose weight. But after 1.5 week. I am start losing weight. I ate less. This one has no side effect like other weight lose supplement giving me weird feeling. I like it. Will continues to try it and see. Hope it work great.

  33. I get a little boost of energy. Knowing that I get sum vitamins in it I like that.

  34. I’ve been taking a lot of the ingredients in this supplement separately for muscle recovery after workouts until I found this product. Now I can get them all in one with a much lower price than I was paying before and the thyroid support is a big plus.

  35. I bought those but I didn’t do my blood exam yet to be able to tell if they are working or not. I’ll update this review when i have it done. Some people complained about after taste but I didn’t taste anything

  36. The first 2 times I took this supplement, I felt sick and feverish. I decided to try it one more time before giving up and this time I ate something first. It actually worked really well! It gave me energy and focus. The pills are large and taste terrible, and if they get caught in your throat they burn, so I take it with lots of water. Even with the negatives, I will continue to use this supplement because I do notice a difference in how I feel when I take it.

  37. When I got my blood test done, the doctor said I was in the low end of the normal range. As a body builder and for my overall health, my hormone levels are important to me. I decided to try some thyroid support supplements to see if they would help, and they did! My thyroid levels were solidly in the normal range in my last blood test. I’ve only been taking this one for a few months, but no complaints so far. My energy levels feel so much better and I feel great!

  38. This vitamin wasn’t hard to swallow or anything, it wasn’t too big and the smell wasn’t terrible either. I did have some digestive issues after I started with these so I stopped taking them, not sure if this product is at fault but if you’re prone to digestive problems it is something to be cautious of before trying. The amount I did take suppressed my appetite so I’m sure you will see some form of results after you finish a bottle of these, for that reason I still gave five stars even though I experienced issues when taking it.

  39. I have Hashimotos, so was looking for something to support my thyroid. While taking it, I did feel like it overall helped my sleep patterns and stress levels. I ordered a second bottle! I will be updating when I get new labs in 3 months.

  40. I was just looking for some supplement for my thyroid. I found this at excellent price. So I checked the reviews and some woman wrote something really important to me for what I was looking. So she help me to decide to buy it. And I hope and trust like her that with God’s help it can stop my disorder in the thyroid function. I am using it and didn’t notice any side effects what is good. So I hope its works for you too.

  41. About a year ago, I was diagnosed with hypothyroidism. I started taking levothyroxine, as prescribed by my doctor, and I encountered numerous unpleasant side effects. I had to stop taking it completely. It did help with some of my hypothyroid symptoms, but the side effects weren’t worth it. After a few months of not taking it, my symptoms returned and I started looking into alternative treatments. This is the first one I’ve tried, and I have to say, I’m so impressed. My hair was falling out by the handful, and now it’s thickening back up. I’m not tired all the time. I’m not cold all the time. It’s so nice to have the energy to do things again. It only took a couple of weeks for me to see a major difference. So happy I found them. Will continue to reorder.

  42. After my doctor lowering my dose of Synthroid, I wasn’t felling OK.I did have energy, I was losing my hair, and my skin was super dry.So I decided to add this Thyroid Support into daily dose of pills.In about a week I started to fell the difference. Now I am super mentally sharp, focus, and my skin is moisturized again.The biggest change was in my energy levels and that my mental blur is gone completely.

  43. For the past 2 months, I had been struggling with extreme fatigue, headaches, and irritability. The fatigue was so extreme that I could not help but sleep for hours after work. My provider did TSH labwork and discovered that it was in the lower range, but that it was still “fine”. I came across this product and after 4-5 days my fatigue improved greatly! I had enough energy to be active even after working all day. I forgot to take it for about 3 days and did, in fact, notice a difference in the way I felt. I have also noticed a slight decrease in my weight. This thyroid support is an amazing and I hope everyone gets a chance to feel better as I have.

  44. I have been taking thyroid support supplements for a few months, but I wanted to try this brand for the price and I am happy that I did. This supplement is a life changer for those who have thyroid problems. I have noticed an increase in my energy and I feel that my thyroid is balancing since many of my symptoms have disappeared. However, I have not noticed any difference in weight loss.

  45. I like that the product is easy to swallow. I went to the dr. and was told I had Hashimotos. They prescribed Synthroid, it made me feel bad. I decided to address the problem causing this condition. I stopped taking the Synthroid and started the Thyroid Support supplement. I am going on 30 days and think I am feeling better. I will buy another bottle and continue taking to see how much better I can get.

  46. So I’m on a pretty high dose of levothyroxine which I take every day and have been taking for quite a while, 10+ years, I decided to add this because I wasn’t feeling like I was getting enough relief from my low thyroid symptoms with just my prescription, I have been taking us now for about 2 to 3 weeks and I am absolutely in love with it!! I have noticed that I have more energy, I’m losing weight, the dry patches on my elbows are disappearing, my hair loss has minimized, I just feel all around better! I am totally sold on this product! I think whether you need to take it alone or if you need to supplement the prescription that you already have, I personally think that this is a great product for doing either and feeling better! 10/10!!

  47. I think I feel a difference taking this medication. When I take a second dose in the afternoon, it gives me a pick up. My head seems to be clearer too in thought processing.Filling out this review as part of promotion.

  48. I have more energy with Thyroid support but Also added vitaminD 10,000UI, vitamin12 =3,000MCG… Maca =1,000, Iron. NOW I being SLOWLY weaning off antidepresants pills, being feeling amazing.. no prescription pills as I write this review WOOP!!

  49. I’ve been taking this supplement for almost a month. I decided to overlap taking it with the last of my Levothyroxine. In the next week, I’ll only be taking Thyroid Support but so far, a little extra energy has been noted.

  50. These are very good. Helped me with blotchy skin and general circulation. Gave me energy and just feel so much better. I take one pill twice a day. I’m hooked. A forever customer.

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