Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber – Zero Net Carbs – Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health – Easy To Digest – for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

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  • CREAMY CONVENIENCE. Zhou's MCT Oil Powder + Prebiotic Fiber is portable, mixes easily into food and beverages, and adds a smooth, creamy texture to smoothies, coffee, and other favorite recipes that you'll have to taste to believe.
  • MCT FAT SOURCE. Our MCT Powder is truly the perfect way to add MCT fats and fiber to your diet. Just one scoop provides 4g of MCT fats and 18% of your daily fiber intake, while premium acacia prebiotic fiber helps to support a happy gut microbiome.
  • PREMIUM FIBER. Acacia prebiotic fiber offers powerful, gut-healthy properties that can help increase the ratio of good bacteria in your gut. With a high digestive tolerance, you won’t experience the bloat or flatulence other prebiotic fibers can provoke.
  • KETOGENIC FUEL. Fuel your ketogenic diet! Incorporating MCTs into your keto lifestyle on a daily basis is beneficial because they easily convert to ketones, giving the brain and muscles a fuel source for physical energy and mental acuity.
  • WHAT SETS US APART? At Zhou, we use only the highest-quality ingredients in a facility following GMP (good manufacturing practices). Plus, we test everything at our lab in Utah, so you can be fueling your body with the very best

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Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

Zhou Nutrition Mct Oil Powder With Prebiotic Acacia Fiber - Zero Net Carbs - Keto Friendly Fat & Fiber SOURCE for Sustained Energy, & Gut Health - Easy To Digest - for Coffee, Smoothies & More!

From the manufacturer

woman using zhou nutrition mct oil powder for quick, clean energy
fast, sustained energy

Fast, Sustained Energy

MCT Powder is the perfect way to boost coffee, smoothies, and other favorite recipes with a delicious creamy texture and convenient energy.

healthy gut support

Healthy Gut Support

Acacia prebiotic fiber delivers powerful, gut-healthy properties that can help increase the ratio of good bacteria in your gut.

ketogenic fuel

Ketogenic Fuel

Adding MCT fats into your keto diet on a daily basis is beneficial because they easily convert to ketones, helping you get into and stay in ketosis.

mental performance

Mental Performance

Give your brain and muscles an additional fuel source to help support peak physical energy and mental acuity.

Your Feel-Good Fat

MCT Powder + Prebiotic Fiber is the perfect keto-friendly fat and fiber source. In a convenient powder form, just one scoop provides 4g of MCT fats and 18% of your daily fiber intake with premium acacia prebiotic fiber. Known for it’s high digestive tolerance, you won’t experience the bloat or flatulence other prebiotic fibers can provoke. For added greatness, the creamy texture makes it a tasty addition to smoothies, coffee, shakes, salad dressings, sauces and baked treats.

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What is MCT Powder + Prebiotic Fiber?

MCT Powder + Prebiotic Fiber delivers 4g of MCT fats and premium acacia prebiotic fiber for 18% of your daily fiber intake. Acacia fiber is known for its high digestive tolerance, so you won’t experience the bloat other prebiotic fibers can provoke.

Who may benefit from using MCT Powder?

MCT Powder may be especially useful for those on a ketogenic diet looking to support clean energy, healthy gut support, and mental and physical performance.

Why is MCT Powder effective?

MCT Powder + Prebiotic Fiber delivers a premium formula in a convenient powder form to help support a happy gut microbiome and provide the brain and muscles with a fuel source for physical energy and mental acuity.

How often should I use MCT Powder?

Take 1 scoop of MCT Powder daily or as needed for best results.

Product description

Zhou’s MCT Oil powder + Prebiotic fiber helps you enjoy this feel-good fat without the mess of traditional MCT Oil. With a delicious, creamy texture, MCT powder might just be your new go-to for smoothies, coffee, and anything else you dream up. Paired with a premium serving of Acacia prebiotic fiber, you’ll enjoy 4g of healthy MCT fats, 18% of your daily fiber intake, healthy gut support, and fast, sustained energy. Keto-friendly, zero carbs, and it’s Non-GMO! Excuse us while we swoon.

  1. As a Registered Dietitian, I am quite pleased with this MCT oil powder. MCT are a source of saturated fats, but recent studies show that MCT saturated fats can be beneficial for decreasing appetite and aiding more fat loss compared to a lower fat diet and/or olive oil (non saturated fat source). This particular powder from Zhou is flavorless and therefore very easy to add to your diet. Personally, I add 1 scoop in my green smoothie in the morning. I usually am hungry about 2 hours after my green smoothie, but when I add 1 single scoop of Zhou MCT oil powder, I was not hungry for 4 hours. I will be adding this as a usual supplement to my green smoothie. I am also a regular with Zhou’s Spirulina powder. I have tried many Spiriulna brands, but feel the greatest increase in energy and mental clarity with Zhou’s brand.

  2. I read about MCT a while ago, but when I tried the liquid version, it didn’t blend well with anything and I really had a hard time with the texture that was kind of greasy and gross.So, when I found this, I was both excited to try and nervous that it would just turn oily in the mix. However, I am really loving it as a better option! I have only mixed with my protein shakes and I have to say it adds a creaminess to the shake without really effecting the flavor and there is nothing greasy in the taste or texture at all.I have noticed that I stay fully longer and I believe that has to do with the fact that this product is fat and fiber, so it is really helping me go further on a shake, using it more as a meal replacement rather than just a “snack” or after-workout.

  3. According to Dr. OZ I read that having Keto in your lifestyle this is a must. It is a great way to add healthy fats into your diet. The prebiotics in Zhou is also good for your diet, I can’t wait to try this one out. I Just received mine and I am excited to try it and see the results. I am definitely going to use it in my smoothies. I will be coming back in a few weeks with updates. Super happy I got my MCT Oil Powder with Prebiotic Acacia Fiber.I highly recommend you try it out. You won’t regret it I’m sure.

  4. I’ve been putting the product in my coffee, I do feel like it gives me energy and curves my appetite but it’s hard to determine since I’m putting it in coffee & coffee has similar effects. I’m going to try to put it in other liquids and update this review.Updated Review: I added a scoop to other liquids throughout the day. I did still notice that my appetite was curbed and more energy. I also liked that it didn’t change the taste of my drinks and dissolved well! I’m going to try added it to my yogurt. Hoping by doing this & a keto diet I’m getting close to ketosis!

  5. Keto people can’t imagine life without MCT Oil. Unfortunately, most of us don’t have guts made of steel and get diarrhea from too much MCT Oil (stomach irritant).This powder prevents that and also blends more easily into coffee and liquids giving a better consistency – I now use it as a milk replacement

  6. Very Happy with this powdered MCT oil. I use it in my bulletproof coffee every morning. Mixes easily in my Magic Bullet blender. I feel like it curbs my appetite. I use a heaping scoop and haven’t had any stomach issues. I haven’t yet tried the new formula with the added fiber, but don’t see how that will be a problem, as it will still have 0 net carbs.

  7. This stuff is awesome! I consistently try to keep my nutrition on the high fat/low carb spectrum, but I’m a grad student so there isn’t much spare time for meal prepping or whipping up some pinterest-inspired keto concoction whenever I want. This is hands-down the easiest way to get a bulletproof-ish coffee, or add to a greens powder and whey protein for a really satisfying, nutrient-dense lunch on the go. I portion some out (since it’s an enormous tub) into sandwich baggies to keep in my purse and at work and use a teaspoon from home to divvy it out. It doesn’t taste like coconut which I really like because it makes it really versatile. I am by no means a model of fitness and wellness, but this helps me stay healthier than I could otherwise on my crazy grad school schedule!

  8. My husband and I follow a ketogenic diet (him for 11 months, me for 8 months). MCT is touted as a fantastic addition to the diet to get you additional fats, and therefore additional energy (not to mention helping you feel full from your meals).Most of the time you will hear MCT oil, as opposed to powder. What you use will depend on how specific you are with your dietary needs. The binding agents required to make this a powder may not be for everyone. But if you are looking for a powder, I really like this particular powder from Zhou Nutrition because it has no flavor, and dissolves easily. I can add it to a drink, sprinkle it in my food, and never know it was even there (taste and texture wise). The ease of blending will depend on how much you are using, as obviously a larger amount will require a lot more blending.I do notice a siginficant energy boost when I add this MCT powder to my meals, but this is mainly because of the type of diet I follow, and how good MCT is for energy.I also find the price to be very reasonable for the number of servings you can get out of one container.

  9. I use mine with K-cup coffee and ghee. It mixes rather easily in coffee if you stir as Keurig is brewing. Benefits: Had to try and it is as advertised as far as energy, appetite suppression, and mental brain food! Huge part of my recent 30lb weight loss! My CEO is now ordering and will try. I had no bad digestion issues and actually helped my “morning constutition” Hope others have the same success I have.

  10. I started a Ketogenic way of eating in July. The MCT oil powder has really upped my weight loss game and helped me to stay in Ketosis. I like that I can mix it in practically anything. Most days I mix it into my tea. Some days I mix it into sauces in my food. I like that it not only has the good fats, but that it has pre-biotics and offers great gut support.

  11. Brilliant product! I bought another brand of MCT powder and threw it away when I learned it was bonded to maltodextrin, which I try earnestly to avoid. Then along came Zhou with a smart solution – bonding to prebiotic fiber and no junky filler. I consume this MCT at least once or twice a day, either added to my coffee or added to a powdered ketone drink. A few shakes in a well-sealed tumbler is all it takes to blend. No fuss, no muss. Love this stuff!

  12. I give this five stars for convenience. It’s easy to throw in a smoothy or coffee and does not substantially affect the taste or texture. That said, it’s not exactly loaded with MCT so I wouldn’t *expect* it to affect the taste or texture much. But there are some days you just don’t want to muck about with coconut oil or MCT oil or butter or whatever. This product is perfect for those mornings.It has caused zero gastro upset for any of us in our family and that’s a plus over the oil that seems to work it’s way through a lot faster sometimes!I should note that when I use this in a smoothy I use our blendtech and when in my coffee I give it a whirl in the magic bullet (usually because I also throw in some chocolate protein powder and call it breakfast). We have had zero clumping in either of these situations but i can’t vouch for how it mixes up manualy.EDITING TO ADD:. This actually has a good amount of MCT in it, I had only been looking at fat grams.

  13. I’m a health coach, and coach a lot of people high fat low carb diets. My client recommended this to me and I was excited to try it. After trying some travel size liquid pouches of MCT oil from a different company and absolutely hating the flavor, I decided to order this powder and ship it to my parents house while I was visiting, since I was traveling back-and-forth with only carry-on and didn’t want to check a bag ( so I couldn’t have large liquid bottles with me). I love to have you as leaders blended into coffee and smoothies and it seemed to leave lesser than Wiley taste in my mouth then sometimes happens when I use straight up MCT oil and butter. That was a really nice change and the taste was the especially creamy! I love that it’s more portable and then I can travel with this without having to check in bag, and the fact that it has fiber is great as well! I definitely recommend this.

  14. I love using MCT Powder over MCT oil because it is much easier on my stomach but still with all the benefits. It adds a creamy consistency to my coffee. The only caution is that takes a bit to dissolve into my coffee, but even if there are lumps they do not taste bad in any way.

  15. I enjoy the fact that I can take this as I travel without the fear of a leaking container as with liquid MTC Oil. It is a little difficult to stir up, but I use a frother to blend my bulletproof coffee anyways. Occasionally I still get a few lumps. I like that my coffee doesn’t look like an oil slick. It adds a creamy taste. I haven’t tried it in anything except my BPC yet. I’ve had no stomach upset with this powder, which is a plus. It does curb my appetite just like the liquid MTC Oil. Although a little pricey, I will purchase this again.

  16. I purchased this to help with me and my husband’s journey on a Keto diet. This stuff was an awesome addition to our morning fuel burning coffee (MCT oil powder, hemp seeds, swerve, cocoa nibs, collegan powder).I’ve tried the liquid MCT oils but don’t like how oily they are when mixed in a drink. This one is not! It is creamy and really helps pull everything together. I did get the stomach bubblies for the first three days of use (go easy on the scoops until your body gets used to your new diet). But it really did the trick and also helped keep us feeling full until lunch time.I should also add due to their discount option for subscribe and save and multiple items purchased we also purchase and use the Keto Drive (think salty/fruity afternoon shake) which really helps to keep the “Keto flu” away by properly balancing your bodies electrolytes. Great combo purchase for Keto beginners.

  17. I’ve had gut issues since I was an infant. I often am looking for a product that will help support my digestive system.I started using this MCT oil (1/3 of the normal scoop) and felt bloated (pretty sure it’s cause of getting extra fiber). My body soon adjusted. It definitely helps with appetite (reduces). I’m now up to 1/2 a scoopful, and will continue to slowly increase.

  18. Tastes good, really works well for curbing appetite. Good value. To dissolve in hot coffee fill the cup halfway and stir, then let it sit a minute to fully dissolve, add the rest of the coffee and you’ll have a nice creamy cup of coffee.

  19. I’ve tried other brands, but this one is a keeper. Melts easily in all types of liquid. Helped me avoid stress eating in the morning while going on a Keto diet. Loved how it melted in my coffee quickly and the fiber what a bonus. So glad my friends suggested I try this brand.

  20. This is my third MCT powder ordered from Zhou Nutrition. Mixing the powder with sour cream, yogurt,and various nuts such as almond, walnut, and pecan, makes it very tasty as my breakfast. I also mix the MCT powder in the coffee to enhance coffee favor. I usually drink coffee first thing in the morning and 2-3 more cups during the day; the mixture seems to enhance my energy level all day long. Sometimes I add Ghee butter in the coffee as well.

  21. I use this in my tea every morning and it doesn’t bother my stomach, even when it is empty, the way some MCT oil does. The creamy texture is delightful without a strong taste. I also use it in my fat bombs and it works great. Although it does have some carbs listed, keep in mind there is also fiber, so net carbs are zero. Bottom line, it is an easy way for me to meet my fat macro goals.

  22. I’ve been applying the ketogenic diet for almost 5 years now. I’ve experimented with many different supplements and foods that are high in good fats to enter and stay in ketosis. I found MCT oil to be one of most beneficial supplements on the market. However the mess with working with oil can be quite much! Zhou Nutrition’s MCT powder is a much less messier alternative with almost the same benefits. I say almost because the amount of calories and total fat ratio is much lower than that of the oil. If your trying to bulk up (put on weight) while in ketosis you will need to use 3-4 times the suggested serving to get your calories in. However this would be a perfect answer for those trying to cut their calories but still enjoy the benefits you get from having medium chain triglycerides added to their keto diet. Plus having the prebiotic fiber added is nice addition to this powerhouse of a ketogenic supplement.

  23. I love this powder! Easy way to get more healthy fats in my diet, I like to add it to my juice and my protein shakes. Just a very mild hint of coconut smell but mixes well with almost everything. I had a bit too much my first day and my stomach got a bit queasy, so maybe start with one scoop a day and slowly add more over time. If you’re into MCT powders you know that the C12’s are kind of useless, luckily for me Zhou Nutrition is also aware of this and doesn’t add any for the sake of increasing volume. I would highly recommend this company to anyone who’s interested in being healthier – I’m not on a ketogenic diet but still see the benefits of adding more healthy fats to my daily nutrition!

  24. Not having ever tried anything like this before, I was not sure how well I would like it. After trying it in my coffee for the last few weeks I know I will be buying it again in the future. My coffee is creamy and very tasty after adding a scoop of this powder. I bought a frother to mix it thoroughly as it does not blend easily with a spoon. This keeps me going for the first few hours of my day until I can take a break from work and have breakfast.

  25. I started a ketogenic diet to lose a few pounds, and purchased the MCT oil powder to help the process. I mix a scoop into my coffee each morning; that keeps me going until lunchtime without adding many extra calories. The powder mixes well (consistency similar with powdered creamer) and doesn’t interfere with the flavor of my coffee. I’m going to keep this as part of my routine.

  26. I had never heard of MCT oil powder before. I bought this powder for the first time about a week ago. So far, it has lived up to its claims. It’s creamy when mixed into drinks. Although I’ve only used it in coffee so far, I really like it. The taste is a sort of sweet nothing. That’s the only way I can describe it. And the price is great for 45 servings!

  27. I love everything about this product!I use it in my coffees, kind of like bulletproof style, blending it, but with just a fraction of calories, and all the prebiotic fiber that feeds my gut bacteria!This powder really kills ALL my cravings and keeps me full for a very long time. Sticking to my intermittent fasting and one meal a day has never been so easy. Plus it helps, if you want to get super lean but can’t stick to your meal plan because of hunger – that really helps, and it helps me personally to get into fitness model cover shape!Lots of energyNo hunger, that makes it really easy to stick with my ketogenic lifestyle and one meal a day intermittent fastingGreat creamer substitution – all good for you, great for gut bacteria, tastes amazing and gives your coffee foam when blended.Absolutely loving the product!And it sets my brain on fire! I feel like I’m functioning on a rocket fuel all day long! Makes a HUGE difference!It’s the 3rd can I’m using!

  28. Love to add this stuff to my coffee in the morning, along with my hydrolyzed collagen. It’s a little difficult to mix in, so I use a milk frother to really get it mixed.Overall, really like this powdered MCT oil. I love that I can get all those lovely MCTs without the oily mess, and I really love that it has acacia powder (which is a great probiotic).Definitely recommend!

  29. I have been using this as an appetite suppressant. Normally I am hungry most of the day at work. Using this, I have not felt overly hungry. I have lost about 5 lbs on it, but I am not using it in conjunction with the KETO diet. I have cut sugar out of my diet (for the most part). I will be ordering again as the comfort of not being hungry all the time is worth it to me, even if the weight loss without the KETO diet is slow. It doesn’t taste like much. I normally put it in my morning coffee or mix it in with the milk in my cereal. I’ve been using 1-2 scoops per day.

  30. Oh man, this stuff is grrrrrrrreat!!!!! I’m an old crocodile 69 years old on the keto diet and use this product every morning in my 3rd mug, yes mug, of coffee with a tiny bit of heavy cream. I put some stevia and about 3/4 scoop of the MCT Oil Powder in the bottom of the emty mug, fill the mug 1/2 way with coffee, use a little battery operated hand mixer (you’ll need one of these to mix it up or a blender but a blender is a pain to clean up and I’m lazy 🤦‍♂️) for about 5 seconds to blend, fill the mug the rest of the way with coffee, microwave it for about 70 seconds cuz I like it really hot, then add the tiny bit of heavy cream and stir. WOW! Try it! You’ll like it! 😉

  31. I am on my third canister of the MCT powder and I can honestly say I love it. I initially purchased it b/c I heard it was good for memory loss and it has helped a lot! I can now recall phone numbers which I haven’t been able to do in years. An unexpected bonus is that it has totally cured my constipation problem which I have been suffering from for years. I wouldn’t want to live without and make sure never to run out. As for the taste I put it in my morning coffee and really enjoy the creamy taste. No more of that unhealthy half and half or unsatisfying milk. It is totally worth a try!

  32. I like adding this powder to smoothies and to no-bake bars for extra fiber and nutrients. The consistency reminds me of an egg white protein powder, but it doesn’t make my smoothies and shakes fluffy like that and another protein powder that I use. I do enjoy using this product, but I’m not sure if there’s a difference in my body since I’m doing and using so many other items right now. Just knowing that I’m adding extra goodness to my food makes me feel good.

  33. I really like this product, and the only real issue that I have with it is the “mixability” when I put it into my coffee. I’m still trying to figure out the best way to mix it in so that I don’t have clumps of the powder floating throughout. It is DEFINITELY better than the liquid MCT oil that I’ve tried before. It doesn’t give me any stomach issues, etc., like I’ve heard some people mention before. So, I am overall a big fan! Definitely a good addition to my day to support my ketogenic diet!

  34. I have been using this in my smoothies for about 3 weeks now and noticed that it blends well. I make cold smoothies with frozen fruits. I read some reviews about their earlier formula not blending well, but went ahead and ordered it anyway thinking they had improved upon it. And it does work well for me. One thing I would point out though is I make sure I don’t put this powder first in the blender, because it will stick to the bottom of the blender. Make this the last thing you add and it will blend just fine.

  35. This is our preferred brand of MCT powder. After trying several others, we have got Zhou MCT powder on our subscribe & save and go through several tubs per month! We always seem to need more, because we put it in hot tea, coffee, & smoothies. The flavor is neutral & creamy, and adds a nice mouth feel to our drinks. I LOVE that it is blended with acacia fiber, not corn or other weird additives. Other brands have been gritty tasting, and this one blends perfectly, with no grit. You do have to smash it into the sides of the cup if not using a blender, but it doesn’t take long and blends totally without need of a blender, which I like because I don’t always want to jar my family awake with the blender in the morning! Thank you for making such a great product 🙂

  36. A great day to start my day! I’m a trainer, I follow a very clean and balanced diet and one of the things I do to get that muscles definition is 11hs fasting between dinner and breakfast. MCT in my morning coffee gives my that good feeling and energy while I prepare my breakfast.

  37. I am using this almost daily by adding it to my green smoothies. I am not on a keto diet but I am focusing on reducing carbs as much as possible. I noticed that this does make me feel full and then when I do get hungry and eat lunch I get full quicker than normal so I don’t have to eat as much which is good! I am trying to lose about 10 to 15 lbs, hoping this will help out.

  38. It does not mix as easily as the Quest brand but that is to be expected with the cleaner ingredients that are also an excellent supplement for low carb diets.For coffee I use a shaker cup with good results. One must be careful when using hot liquids in a shaker cup as it can become a mini bomb if not done properly (let the air in the shaker cup get really hot before capping off).Another option that works is to just add small amounts of liquid at first and mix up like you would starting gravy.

  39. In November of last year I transitioned to a ketogenic lifestyle. This requires a higher consumption of fat than I have ever had before, and overall adjusting my understanding of food and what’s “healthy”. A friend has recommended MCT oil or powder, but I’ve found that oil separates in coffee too easily and didn’t like the consistency as well. I was also told that prebiotic fiber is very important when eliminating so many fruits, veggies and other fibers. This powder adds an awesome creaminess to my morning coffee, and unlike most MCT supplements, it also includes that necessary prebiotic fiber. Fiber can be hard to maintain on this diet especially, but is helpful for anyone who doesn’t consume enough. The combination of the two is perfect for me, and the Zhou MCT Powder helps my morning coffee at work become my morning meal. Coffee with MCT powder (two scoops), some half & half or heavy cream and Stevia, plus maybe a piece of cheese or two, will tide me over until afternoon when I eat lunch. It’s become a part of my daily routine, and I recommend it for anyone looking to replace their morning meal, or thinking of switching to a keto diet. Good fats and healthy fibers are essential, and this product provides both in one convenient product. Love it!

  40. I do intermittent fasting and don’t have breakfast until around 11 or 12pm. But I gotta have my morning coffee. Before, I used to just drink my coffee black to avoid breaking a fast. But then I read that MCT Oil would not break a fast. However, the oil does nothing to make my coffee taste any better, in fact it makes it more greasy. But MCT Oil powder gives my morning coffee some creamy texture and taste that I had been wanting! And this brand comes with Acacia Fiber (a Probiotic) instead of Corn Fiber which I read is not what you want to have. It also has NO NET CARBS for the Keto people out there which I also am. I actually only use a 1/2 Tablespoon for a serving as that’s all I need to make my coffee a little bit more creamy and get a bit of Healthy Fat and Fiber into my morning to help me fast a little longer and give me some energy. This also gives you double the servings to get more out of each container. And this MCT Oil Powder was the cheapest I could find with the best ingredients.My only gripe would be that I wish each serving had a bit MORE Fat. A serving size is just 4g of fat and after I cut that in half its just 2g per serving. Even if I did the full serving, 4g is not much. A normal serving size of MCT Oil is 14g of fat so with the powder you are definitely getting significantly less fat.But other then that I think this brand is the best for the price!

  41. As someone new to trying the keto diet, this is one of several products I have tried recently, and it is one of my favorites.I have mixed it with exogenous ketone supplements, coffee, and protein shakes with no issues. Any of these supplements alone does not provide me with sustained energy. However, throw in a scoop of this powder, and I can easily make it to lunch with no energy crash! It mixes well with only slight impacts to the taste of the drink. I will continue to purchase!An additional benefit for me is the addition of acacia fiber. I have always had some gut issues, and this has helped with this as well. Keto in general has made me less bloated and more regular, and I think this has helped in that significantly. I can tell a difference on days I don’t use it.If you are looking for an addition to your morning drink to help with consistent energy and intermittent fasting, or you are looking for a boost to a preworkout drink, I highly recommend this product. It’s how I use it, so those are the uses I can recommend to yours well.

  42. I love this stuff. When I first bought it I didnt realize the fiber was in it. It qas nit mixing well in my coffee so I was not using it regularly. While reasearching acacia fiber for my stomach issues, this product came up. I tried using this again without any other ingredients and realized the mixing issue was sunflower lecithin and not this mct powder. I am still searching for a way to make my coffee creamy, which this does not. But it mixes well and gives me both the fat and fiber I need without the carbs. Now I am searching for that creamy taste without dairy.

  43. This stuff is amazing. I mix with my morning coffee and it makes it delicious and sustains my energy level ALL day. I didn’t correlate it for a week or so, then realized what an impact it has on me. I was just randomly searching for a prebiotic to help with tummy issues and saw this and thought I’d give it a try since bulletproof was difficult to accomplish with iced drinks. Ordering my second tub now. I use a shaker to mix it in, and add a stevia syrup as well.

  44. I love this stuff. Put it in my coffee every morning. I have come to rely on it to give me near instant energy and focus and I swear it helps with my intermittent fasting. Feel I can go longer without food on days I use once and if I use twice “well hello daddy” I am ready all day long to take on the world!! Seriously an amazing product. I notice a hige difference when iforget to put in my coffee!! I have it on subscribe and save! Tou cannot go wrong with this product plus your getting added and much necessary fiber. Something hard to get when you follow keto as a lifestyle choice.

  45. I’ve tried many MCT oils and one other powder. What I like about ZHOU is it’s a brand you can trust and this product certainly stands up to it! A wonderful addition to my morning coffee, provides the energy I’m looking for as well as additional benefits. Easily dissolved with my mini blender. A product I won’t be without. Mixed with their Collagen and I’m set. Thanks for such a awesome product.

  46. Considering this 3x more expensive at Frazier Farms- this is a STEAL!If you’re going off quality- it’s STILL a steal! It tends to clump up in my coffee- but it’s nothing that a spoon-smoosh can’t solve. It makes the taste of my coffee, smooth and velvety. Most of the time, my protein shakes blended w/ice-cubes are still watery- but this MCT oil thickens it a little & also makes it nice and creamy. As for health-benefits, it seems to sharpen my focus & positivity and the fiber? -well, my “Moves” are plentiful. I normally use Brain Octane Oil in my Bulletproof Coffee but I’ll start using this MCT oil, instead. Benefits are felt within a day..

  47. This mct is probably one of the best powders, in my opinion. I checked about 15 others prior to choosing this. It doesn’t have artificial sweeteners, no sugar or fake sweetness, lowest calories, high MCT, and it has fiber. I mix it with my hot coffee. I did use a shaker/blender each time I prepare so the powder is mixed and dissolved completely. The inflavored option is great because it will not alter the flavor of you choice beverage and it doesn’t have a weird sweet artificial taste. It does give you a clean feeling energy. This is now a permanent addition to my daily routine. Highly recommend

  48. My husband loved this gift I got him. He uses it in a protein shake and in his coffee. He said it blends VERY well and is flavorless as far as he can tell. It works for fiber for his keto food plan. He says he doesn’t feel much difference in energy, just maybe an added slow burn.

  49. I use a scoop every morning in my smoothie and it adds a creamy consistency. It blends easily and I don’t notice any additional flavor. Been using it for more than a year. I’m hypoglycemic and use it to help keep my blood sugar levels up until late morning and it works so well. I always feel energetic and bright, and I attribute that to MCT oil powder. Haven’t used any other brands and I’m not going to switch since this works so well for me. I have it auto-delivered so I never run out which is very convenient.

  50. This MCT powder is great. I’ve been using it for several months and just reordered.. I mix it with my morning beverage along with these companies Collagen Peptides. Other times I put it in my smoothies or add it to scramble eggs, which gives the eggs a rich creamy texture. I am a person with fairly good energy…but using this MCT for me in my 70’s gives me that extra boost!

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